Master MERN Stack Development in Kochi with Our Comprehensive Training Program for Full Stack Developers.

Course Description

Welcome to the world of MERN Stack with TECHWINGSYS, Kochi's premier software training institute offering top-notch MERN Stack training tailored to equip you with cutting-edge skills in the field. As the best MERN Stack training institute in Kochi, we take pride in our commitment to delivering high-quality education through a holistic course curriculum designed to meet industry standards and demands.

MERN Stack's versatility and flexibility make it an invaluable asset in the software industry. Its ability to handle both frontend and backend development tasks makes it a preferred choice for building dynamic and interactive web applications. With MERN Stack, you can embark on a journey filled with endless possibilities and opportunities, and TECHWINGSYS is here to guide you every step of the way.

Join TECHWINGSYS and dive into our MERN Stack training program, where you'll gain the skills and knowledge needed to thrive in today's competitive tech landscape. Whether you're a novice or an experienced developer, MERN Stack's comprehensive ecosystem ensures a seamless transition into mastering full-stack development.

What is MERN stack?

MERN stack is a popular web development technology stack that includes four key components: MongoDB, Express, React, and Node.js. MongoDB is a NoSQL database that stores data in JSON-like documents, while Express is a web application framework for Node.js that provides a set of features for web and mobile applications. React is a JavaScript library for building user interfaces, and Node.js is a server-side JavaScript runtime environment. Together, these four technologies form a powerful and flexible platform for building modern web applications

What will you learn in the course?

In our MERN stack training course in Kochi, you will learn the fundamentals of each of the four technologies that make up the stack. You will learn how to use MongoDB to store and retrieve data, how to use Express to build web applications, how to use React to create user interfaces, and how to use Node.js to run server-side code. You will also learn how to integrate these technologies together to build full stack web applications. Our industry experts will guide you through hands-on projects and provide you with the skills and knowledge you need to become a proficient full stack developer.

Unlock your potential with TECHWINGSYS, the leading destination for MERN Stack training in Kochi. Enroll now and pave the way for a successful career in software development.


TECHWINGSYS Certified MERN Stack Course Completion Certification & Company Internship Certification

  • Installing Database
  • Data Modeling
  • Database Creation/Drop
  • Create/Drop Collection
  • Data Types
  • Insert/Select/Update/Delete/Project Document
  • Limiting Record
  • Sorting Record
  • Indexing
  • Aggregation
  • Replication
  • Sharding
  • Creating Backup
  • Deployment
  • Relationships
  • Database References
  • Covered Queries
  • Analyzing Queries
  • Atomic Operations
  • Advanced Indexing
  • Indexing Limitations
  • Object Id
  • Map Reduce
  • Text Search
  • Regular Expression
  • Working with Rockmongo
  • GridFS
  • Capped Collections
  • Auto-Increment Sequence
  • Setting Environment
  • Sample Program
  • Routing
  • HTTP Methods
  • URL Building
  • Middleware
  • Templating
  • Static Files
  • Form Data
  • Database
  • Cookies
  • Sessions
  • Authentication
  • RESTful APIs
  • Scaffolding
  • Error Handling
  • Installation
  • Creating an application
  • Rendering elements
  • Render using create element
  • Components
  • Components and properties
  • Class and properties
  • Work with life cycle methods
  • Event handling
  • Conditional rendering
  • In line with AND operator
  • If else with conditional operator
  • List
  • Forms
  • Lifting State up
  • Containment
  • Specialization
  • Implementation
  • AJAX Fetching
  • POST with Async Await
  • Router
  • CSS Styling
  • Sass Styling
  • Hooks
  • --useState
  • --useEffect
  • --useContext
  • Installation
  • Modules
  • HTTP Modules
  • File System
  • URL Module
  • NPM
  • Events
  • Upload Files
  • Email
  • Working with MySQL
  • Working with MongoDB
  • Interview Preparation
  • Time Management
  • Resume Building
  • Interview Questions With Answers
  • Mock Aptitude Tests
  • Mock Machine Tests
  • Mock Interviews
  • HR Talk series
  • Weekly/Monthly Tech Seminar Presentation.


  • Fully Hands-On Training
  • 100% Guaranteed Placement Assistance
  • English Communication Sessions
  • 1st portfolio project done during the course.
  • More Projects
  • Life time placement card. ( Keralas first time in a single card )
  • Live Project
  • HR Training
  • Unlimited Interviews.

Best Mern Stack Training Institute in Kerala

TECHWINGSYS is a Best MERN Stack training center in kochi, Kerala. We have Year's of experience in this field. We offers both online & offline facility. Online Session's via Google Meet & Zoom.

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While there are several institutes in Kochi offering MERN Stack training, one highly recommended option is "TECHWINGSYS." Known for its comprehensive curriculum, experienced instructors, and hands-on approach, TECHWINGSYS stands out as a top choice for individuals seeking to master MERN Stack development. With a focus on practical learning and industry-relevant projects, students can gain valuable skills and expertise in building dynamic web applications using MongoDB, Express.js, React, and Node.js. Additionally, the institute offers flexible schedules, personalized guidance, and career support services, making it an ideal destination for aspiring web developers in Kochi.
The MERN Stack offers several key benefits, making it a top choice for web development. It combines MongoDB, Express, React, and Node.js to provide a full-stack solution. These advantages include rapid development, real-time web applications, a strong community, and excellent performance, making MERN an ideal choice for modern web development projects.
In 2024, MERN Stack continues to hold significant value, and if you're considering learning it, TECHWINGSYS is the right place for comprehensive MERN Stack training. Our institute is dedicated to providing the latest knowledge and skills to prepare you for success in web development and related fields.
The current MERN Stack developer salary in India varies based on factors such as experience, location, and the specific employer. On average, MERN Stack developers in India can expect competitive compensation packages, with opportunities for lucrative income and career growth, thanks to the high demand for their skills in web development and full-stack engineering.
The MERN Stack is a versatile and valuable technology stack suitable for a wide range of individuals. Whether you're a student, a web enthusiast, a software developer, or someone aiming to build a career in web development, learning the MERN Stack can provide you with the tools to excel in the dynamic world of full-stack web development.
TECHWINGSYS is the answer to the question of which is the best Python training institute in Kochi. Here you can study systematically from basic to advanced and get a good job. You can reach Python Basic to Advanced level. A better work experience can be gained during this period as it is more practical. It also includes all the up-to-date tools available today.
Of course, python is still growing rapidly and it is a great choice for both beginner and expert levels.
  • Practical Task200+
  • Enrolled253
  • Skill LevelScratch to Advance
  • TypeTraining with Internship
  • LanguageEnglish & Malayalam
  • ProjectsMin 2
  • Live ProjectYes
  • HR TrainingYes
  • Course Completion CertificateYes
  • icon Thumb Placement AssistanceYes
  • Duration4/5 Months
  • Regular Fee₹37500/-
  • Online Special Fee₹ 23000/-
  • Offline Special Fee₹ 25000/-
  • Admission Fee₹ 1000/-
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Admission Process

There are 3 simple steps in the Admission Process which is detailed below:

Application Form Filling

Apply by filling a simple online application form to kick-start the admission process.
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Interview Process & Demo Session

Go through a screening call with Admissions office and Book your demo.

Great! Start Learn

Block your seat with a payment of ₹ 1000 to begin learning with prep course.

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“Thank you techwingsys for making our project a success, especially Hari sir and Nivya chechi,They given us their full support. it was a wonderful experience at techwingsis. All faculty members are very friendly.”

Client Images
Aswin Krishna

I completed my mini project in this institute. First it was a nice experience harikrishnan sir and nivya ma'am helped me a lot 😊

Client Images
Sreejith S

“Yeah, thanks a lot for helping me to succeed in my project. I was previously confused with my final year project and searched many project institution to get a help. Some of them were highly expensive and some were not up to the mark. When I was being in a sad stage, one of my cousins living at Ravipuram recommended me this TechWingSys. I visit them and on that first day itself I felt a satisfaction while talking with a sir name Hari. He told me about various project ideas in a detailed and inspired me to be confident. Their fees structure was surprisingly very minimum compared to other institutions. With his guidance I successfully completed my project. . Once again thanks a lot for the help. I will recommend TechWingSys for all because of my happy and satisfied experience.”

Client Images

“This center Suitable for people from those who don't have any knowledge of project. I am very happy with TECHWINGSYS they give me the knowledge from the basic steps to the high level of development.”

Client Images
Aswin Kumar

“Very good coaching (especially Nivya chechi) and it was a great experience for me. I will recommend everyone to join this center for completing their projects.”

Client Images
Amal Chacko Daniel

“I really thankful to this institution to successfully completed my final year project in java. Best place to go for studying basics and for doing projects. Highly qualified & friendly staffs. A great thanks to Nivya chechi & Hari sir.”

Client Images
sudina p

“ It was really nice experience ❤️ excellent teaching good atmosphere I recommend this institute 🏬to all i am really sastified with this institution. A great thanks to hari sir 👨🏻‍💻and nivya pomy chechi 👩🏻‍💻and ansiya chechi👩🏻‍💻👏”

Client Images
Akash nj

“ Thank You TECHWINGSYS. we completed our project successfully in right time.we enjoy our project time a lot.good project centre.i suggest TECHWINGSYS for project... good teaching (nivya chechi and hari sir)”

Client Images
Shirin Shahana

“Nice place to do projects,friendly approach from guides♥️🌹”

Client Images
Fazil K A

“ I was able to complete my final year project successfully with the help of this institution.Thank you, TECHWINGSYS for all your guidence and support”

Client Images
Stella Mary Francis

“ Successfully completed my project. Today was the last day. Got an awesome project guide (Nivya Chechi).”

Client Images

“ I am realy satisfied with the support and guidance.I have 2 years of experience with this institute its realy helpful. I had completed my Bsc and MCA academic projects successfully under guidance of TECHWINGSYS. Good teaching..... good staff.... Sincere support.... Good facility I suggest TECHWINGSYS it is one of the best institute in ernakulam. ”

Client Images
krishnapriya premkumar

“ Okay, from my side the institution is very nice, the main Hari chetan, he is so pawam and our tutor Bency chechi, who only knows to laugh all the time., she is so lovable and she will give full effort on our project. 💯 ♥ ”

Client Images
John Abraham

“ I have great experience with TECHWINGSYS. Highly qualified and supporting staffs idukki kaaran hari sir and paravoor kaari pomy chechi. I really enjoyed the class. I really thankful to this institution to successfully completed my final year project ”

Client Images

“ TECHWINGSYS. Ivide vannath kond enik python programming enthanennum athine kurich kooduthal manasilakkan pattanum kazhinju. So I'm very happy...... And teaching very very good😍😍 THANK YOU TECHWINGSYS™ ”

Client Images

“ Thank you for making our project successful. I thank all of the teacher who works in tha IT Firm especially Bency chechi who work so hard to make our project fully completed. ”

Client Images
Athul Narayanan K S

“ I am joined in this institution to do my main project .I am satisfied with the institution as the tutors especially bency ma'am is very helpful and also other staff helped and guided me well for done my project.So thank you Hari sir and Bency Ma'am. It's an excellent experience for me. ”

Client Images
Jithin Jose

“ Techwingsys is the best institution for choosing project work. I done my project in Techwingsys. The head of the institution Hari sir (CEO of Techwingsys) was very friendly person and the guide Bency Mam was very helpful. They were so helpful and everything related to the project gave on time . I'm suggesting Techwingsys to all for doing project. I'm really thankful for all of them. ”

Client Images
Vishnu Raj b

“ I completed my degree main project at Techwingsys. To be honest, it was a wonderful experience. I am really happy and satisfied. The main highlight of Techwingsys is supporting staffs. They supported me very well to complete my project. I am so thankful to Hari sir and Bency Ma'am. ”

Client Images
Achu Abraham George

“ It was a good experience here. Helped a lot for our project.😊”

Client Images
Balaji Menon

“ Techwingsys is the best institution for choosing project work. The head of the institution Hari sir was very friendly person and the guide Bency Chechi was very helpful and taught the project very well. The project gave before schedule.They will conduct review of the project and it really helped me. I'm suggesting Techwingsys to all for doing project. I'm really thankful for all of them.”

Client Images
Sruthy Vinod

“ Successfully completed my MCA project under the guidance of techwingsys .good facilities,i had wonderful experience with of the best institute in ernakulam.”

Client Images
Anziya Shaji

“ good supporting and caring faculties,good option for minor projects.we recommended TechWingSys. ”

Client Images
midhun chandu

“ Good Guidance and full supportive guides . Helps in every way possible by them.. ”

Client Images

“ I have joined this institute to complete my mini project. To be honest it was nice experience the tutors helped me alot , they have been with me through out the class. Im so happy that i completed my mini project ❤️”

Client Images
Noorjeena Shereef

Had good experience here during the project.

Client Images
Kailas Krishna

It is the right place to join for main project. I had a good experience The day I first arrived I told to Bency Chechi that I did not know anything about the project because I had never seen my minor project code. Today(25/04/2022) was my last day! I'm confident that I can do a small project now Thankyou Bency chechi and Lidhiya chechi to teaching me Special thanks to Bency chechi (Bency Baby) I'm sure that the best place to do Python project is techwingsys because the guide is bency chechi. I came here as a lazy person but now it has diminished, it is only because of their motivation. They let me know that I have a good lT career. My project had three modules but my college guide told me to add one more module. I did that module alone (my happiness was on another level). Special thanks to Hari sir, who reviewed the project three times and made the project error free. THANKYOU Techwingsys

Client Images
Asish T Babu

I have completed my project on Techwingsys. I'm so satisfied.And I'm thank full to Hari Sir and Bency Mam

Client Images

Techwingys is the best institution for choosing project work. The head of the institution Hari sir was very nice person. Our guide Bency Chechi was very helpful and taught the project very well. I was so happy during those days there and the moments were memorable. I'm really thankful for all of them.

Client Images
Suvarna Jany

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