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Explore the world of Wordpress with TECHWINGSYS. We offers the best Wordpress training in Kochi. If you are looking for best WordPress training in Kochi then we are here to help you out. Our team has been providing quality services since last 6 years. We provide the best WordPress training in Cochin with 100% placement assistance. We have trained more than 1000+ students till now. Our trainers will teach you everything you need to know about WordPress.

If you’re interested in learning how to build websites using WordPress, then we recommend starting with our WordPress training courses. Our classes are taught by professional instructors who will teach you everything you need to know to start building a successful online business.

Are you heading towards a career as a programmer? What is WordPress? WordPress is an online, open source website creation tool written in PHP. But in non-geek speak, it’s probably the easiest and most powerful blogging and website content management system (or CMS) in existence today. We are following the latest curriculum. We provide classes for you to learn from a beginner to a professional. You will have reviews every month. In addition, there will be classes each week on how to participating in interviews.


TECHWINGSYS Certified WordPress Course Completion Certification

  • WordPress Introduction
  • WordPress Basics
  • Local Wordpress Installation
  • Finding Your Domain Name
  • Launching a Live Wordpress Website
  • Introduction to Web-Hosting & How to pick the right host for your Site
  • How to control your wordpress site
  • Page Creation in your site.
  • Site title and tagline
  • Introduction to post and how to use them
  • Theme working inm wordpress
  • Featured Image adding
  • Introduction to Customizer.
  • Menu Creation & Control
  • How to Move Blog Posts away from Homepage & Create a Custom Homepage
  • Understanding What are Plugins & How to use them.
  • Introductions to Page Builders
  • Default WordPress Editor
  • Elementor Page Builder.
  • A Faster Way to Build your Site.
  • Mobile & Desktop Responsive
  • Logo Adding & Creation
  • Widgets and How to Add them
  • Important Wordpress Settings
  • Types of Website you can build with WordPress
  • How to Find the Plugins you want
  • Right theme for your site
  • Another way to install theme
  • Google Analytics Adding
  • Post Categories
  • User Management
  • Comment Manmagement
  • Email Set-Up
  • How to Backup your WordPress site
  • How to do WordPress Updates
  • How to Reset WordPress
  • Moving WordPress from Local to live
  • Adding Author Image to WordPress
  • How to Add Downloadable Files to your Site
  • How to Secure your WordPress Site
  • SEO Basics
  • How to Convert your Normal WordPress site to an Ecommerce Site
  • Add Product on Your Website
  • How to Change the Currency on your Site
  • How to add a Payment Gateway on your Site
  • How to Manage Orders on your Site
  • How to select Shipping areas & Set Shipping Charges
  • How to set up shipping charges based on product types
  • Understanding Widgets and How to Add them
  • Theme Adding
  • How to Make Stock Availability of your Products
  • How To add Social Logins to your Site
  • How to Send Invoice Bills to your Customers
  • How to Add Cash on Delivery Payment Method on your Site
  • How to Add Refund Option on your Site
  • How to Send SMS Notification to your Customers
  • How to Add Pincode Checker to your Site
  • How to Deliver your Products
  • How to Move your Local site to a Live site on the Internet
  • How to Manage your Store from your Mobile
  • Right theme for your site
  • How to Find the Plugins You Want
  • How to Add Stripe Payment Gateway
  • How to Add PayPal Payment Gateway
  • How to Add Razorpay Payment Gateway
  • How to Add Digital Product to Your Site
  • How to Add Variable Products to Your Site
  • How to Add Product Categories to Your Site
  • How to Add Coupon Codes to Your Site
  • Add Bulk Products to Your Site
  • Add Custom Fields to Your Product
  • How to Setup Standard Tax for Your Product
  • How to Set Multiple Taxes On your Site
  • How to Set Up Taxes based on Locations
  • AHow to Set Up Taxes based on Product Categories
  • How to Set Up GST on Your Site
  • Digital Marketing Strategies for Your Ecommerce Site
  • Ecommerce SEO


  • Fully Hands-On Training
  • Master WordPress within 30 days
  • Create a fully responsive WordPress site that works seamlessly on all devices
  • Use SEO techniques to rank your website on Google search results.
  • Best suitable for beginners to advanced level users and who learn faster when demonstrated.
  • Use suitable themes and the right plugins to get the best features for your website

Best Institutes in Kochi

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Of course, it can.
Of course, python is still growing rapidly and it is a great choice for both beginner and expert levels.
Of course, there is. As we all know today, python is a growing area. In python, possibilities are high in our country.
TECHWINGSYS is the best institute for advanced python training in Kochi. Training ranges from Basic to Advice Level. You can also participate in interviews with large IT companies in India. Our placement team will be with you for that. TECHWINGSYS is one of the Best Software Training Institutes in Kochi, Kerala.Techwingsys provides training in Java, PHP, python full-stack, digital marketing, Android, etc. in Kochi from freshers to professionals. Our training is the best in the industry. Because classes are taken by trainers with the best experience. The classes are all moving forward in a practical way. Therefore, with our training, even the fresher can achieve the best experience quickly. Our HR training is also available to be placed in top mnc companies. It offers classes on resume building, aptitude tests, machine tests, and group discussions. That way you can make your career better.
Is learning python worth in future? Python developers are demand across a variety of industries, but the python market is particularly hot in the world of data science, machine learning and big data, where python is used for everything from basic data analysis and visualization to creating advanced machine learning algorithms.
TECHWINGSYS is the answer to the question of which is the best Python training institute in Kochi. Here you can study systematically from basic to advanced and get a good job. You can reach Python Basic to Advanced level. A better work experience can be gained during this period as it is more practical. It also includes all the up-to-date tools available today.
Of course, python is still growing rapidly and it is a great choice for both beginner and expert levels.
  • Daily TaskYes
  • Enrolled1350
  • Duration1 / 2 Months
  • Skill LevelBase - Advance
  • TypeOnline & Offline
  • LanguageEnglish & Malayalam
  • Projects1-2
  • HR TrainingYes
  • CertificateYes
  • Fee 15000/-
  • Registration Fee 1000/-

“Thank you techwingsys for making our project a success, especially Hari sir and Nivya chechi,They given us their full support. it was a wonderful experience at techwingsys. All faculty members are very friendly.”

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Aswin Krishna

“This center Suitable for people from those who don't have any knowledge of project. I am very happy with TECHWINGSYS they give me the knowledge from the basic steps to the high level of development.”

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Aswin Kumar

“Very good coaching (especially Nivya chechi) and it was a great experience for me. I will recommend everyone to join this center for completing their projects.”

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Amal Chacko Daniel

“I really thankful to this institution to successfully completed my final year project in java. Best place to go for studying basics and for doing projects. Highly qualified & friendly staffs. A great thanks to Nivya chechi & Hari sir.”

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sudina p

“ It was really nice experience ❤️ excellent teaching good atmosphere I recommend this institute 🏬to all i am really sastified with this institution. A great thanks to hari sir 👨🏻‍💻and nivya pomy chechi 👩🏻‍💻and ansiya chechi👩🏻‍💻👏”

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Akash nj

“ Thank You TECHWINGSYS. we completed our project successfully in right time.we enjoy our project time a lot.good project centre.i suggest TECHWINGSYS for project... good teaching (nivya chechi and hari sir)”

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Shirin Shahana

“Nice place to do projects,friendly approach from guides♥️🌹”

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Fazil K A

“ I was able to complete my final year project successfully with the help of this institution.Thank you, TECHWINGSYS for all your guidence and support”

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Stella Mary Francis

“ Successfully completed my project. Today was the last day. Got an awesome project guide (Nivya Chechi).”

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“ I am realy satisfied with the support and guidance.I have 2 years of experience with this institute its realy helpful. I had completed my Bsc and MCA academic projects successfully under guidance of TECHWINGSYS. Good teaching..... good staff.... Sincere support.... Good facility I suggest TECHWINGSYS it is one of the best institute in ernakulam. ”

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krishnapriya premkumar

“ Okay, from my side the institution is very nice, the main Hari chetan, he is so pawam and our tutor Bency chechi, who only knows to laugh all the time., she is so lovable and she will give full effort on our project. 💯 ♥ ”

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John Abraham

“ I have great experience with TECHWINGSYS. Highly qualified and supporting staffs idukki kaaran hari sir and paravoor kaari pomy chechi. I really enjoyed the class. I really thankful to this institution to successfully completed my final year project ”

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“ TECHWINGSYS. Ivide vannath kond enik python programming enthanennum athine kurich kooduthal manasilakkan pattanum kazhinju. So I'm very happy...... And teaching very very good😍😍 THANK YOU TECHWINGSYS™ ”

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“ Thank you for making our project successful. I thank all of the teacher who works in tha IT Firm especially Bency chechi who work so hard to make our project fully completed. ”

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Athul Narayanan K S

“ I am joined in this institution to do my main project .I am satisfied with the institution as the tutors especially bency ma'am is very helpful and also other staff helped and guided me well for done my project.So thank you Hari sir and Bency Ma'am. It's an excellent experience for me. ”

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Jithin Jose

“ Techwingsys is the best institution for choosing project work. I done my project in Techwingsys. The head of the institution Hari sir (CEO of Techwingsys) was very friendly person and the guide Bency Mam was very helpful. They were so helpful and everything related to the project gave on time . I'm suggesting Techwingsys to all for doing project. I'm really thankful for all of them. ”

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Vishnu Raj b

“ I completed my degree main project at Techwingsys. To be honest, it was a wonderful experience. I am really happy and satisfied. The main highlight of Techwingsys is supporting staffs. They supported me very well to complete my project. I am so thankful to Hari sir and Bency Ma'am. ”

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Achu Abraham George

“ It was a good experience here. Helped a lot for our project.😊”

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Balaji Menon

“ Techwingsys is the best institution for choosing project work. The head of the institution Hari sir was very friendly person and the guide Bency Chechi was very helpful and taught the project very well. The project gave before schedule.They will conduct review of the project and it really helped me. I'm suggesting Techwingsys to all for doing project. I'm really thankful for all of them.”

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Sruthy Vinod

“ Successfully completed my MCA project under the guidance of techwingsys .good facilities,i had wonderful experience with of the best institute in ernakulam.”

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Anziya Shaji

“ good supporting and caring faculties,good option for minor projects.we recommended TechWingSys. ”

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midhun chandu

“ Good Guidance and full supportive guides . Helps in every way possible by them.. ”

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