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  • Lectures 32
  • Review 4
  • Duration 4month
  • Skill level Beginner & Advanced
  • Language English & Malayalam
  • Students 15
  • Assessments Yes

Do You Want to Become a Web Developer? TECHWINGSYS provides you with job oriented training. So you get more practical. In addition, you will have three projects during this period. We are following the latest curriculum.TECHWINGSYS makes you a great PHP Developer.You can also participate in live projects during this time. If you have ideas, we'll help. 3+Years industry expertise. PHP Trainers are real working professionals.

Our students work a couple of live projects and get a handy learning in Web Design Training. We provide classes for you to learn from a beginner to a professional. You will have reviews every month. In addition, there will be classes each week on how to participating in interviews.

Techwingsys, cochin provides the Advanced Software Training, Summer Internships. An internship in php/java/Android/ marketing. The job training to make the candidate easily employable and gives all kind of Assistance for placement in Software companies. Our internship Guidance will help you to understand your interest and professional Growth Expectation. Being our intern you will be able to know about the latest Technologies updates and career opportunity. Doing An internship we will help you for a good start in its career and be selective of your professional needs

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Through our placement assurance training, we make sure our students get an opportunity for you career start. We have a set of people working at your background for your placement and we give 100% placement Assistance with this course. As learning is made easy, we also make it easy for you get job. Join our course to make your job search easy and a step into Techwingsys will make you keep your next step in one of the top MNC companies. To know more send us an enquiry to help you understand the training process.

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  • Good Batch Timing!
  • Work On Live Projects.
  • Expert Code Ethics.
  • Job Oriented Session.
  • Minimum Batch Size.
  • Monthly Reviews.
  • Course Content Designed By considering Current Technology And The Job Market ..
  • Practical Assignments At The End Of Every Session ..
  • Special Scholarship available.
  • Personal Development Sessions.
  • Guarantee 100% Life Time Placement Assistance support.
  • Installment Based Payment Facility Available.


    Lesson 1. Introduction to Web Technologies.

    Lesson 2.Career in Web Technologies and Job Roles.

    Lesson 3..How the website works?

    Lesson 4..Client and Server Scripting Language

    Lesson 4..Web Designer & Web Developer

      Lesson 1.Basics of Adobe Photoshop .

      Lesson 2.Summary.

        Lesson 1. What is Markup Language..

        Lesson 2.Basic Structure of HTML.

        Lesson 3.. Head section and elements of head section

        Lesson 4..Metatags

        Lesson 5..External link tags HTML structure Tags.

        Lesson 6.Table Tag

        Lesson 7..Div Tag

        Lesson 8.Frames Content / Media Tags

        Lesson 9.Header Tag

        Lesson 10..Paragraph , Span , Pre Tags

        Lesson 11.. Anchor links

        Lesson 12..Image Tag

        Lesson 13.. .Summery

          Lesson 1. Form Tag

          Lesson 2.POST and Get Method.

          Lesson 3..Text Input , Text Area,Checkbox and Radio

          Lesson 4..Select Option

          Lesson 5..File Upload and hidden fields.

          Lesson 6.Submit Button,Reset Button

          Lesson 7.Relation between HTML form and PHP

          Lesson 8.Creating Live Website Form

          Lesson 9.Summery

            Lesson 1.Introduction to HTML 5

            Lesson 2.What is new in HTML5.

            Lesson 3..Summery

              Lesson 1. Section

              Lesson 2.NAV .

              Lesson 3...Article .

              Lesson 4.Aside

              Lesson 5. .Header.

              Lesson 6.Footer

              Lesson 9.Summery

                Lesson 1. tel

                Lesson 2.url .

                Lesson .

                Lesson 4.number and range

                Lesson 9.Summery

                  Lesson 1. Audio Tag

                  Lesson 2. video Tag .

                  Lesson 9.Summery

                    Lesson 1.Introduction to Cascading Style Sheets

                    Lesson 2.Types of style sheets .

                    Lesson 3.Types of CSS Selectors .

                    Lesson 4..Designing website

                    Lesson 5. .Working with Templates.

                    Lesson 9.Summery

                      Lesson 1. Introduction

                      Lesson 9.Summery

                        Lesson 1.Introduction to Client Side Scripting

                        Lesson 2.Introduction to Java Script

                        Lesson 3.Variables in JS

                        Lesson 4...Operators in JS

                        Lesson 5. .Conditional Statements in JS.

                        Lesson 6.JavaScript loops

                        Lesson 7.JavaScript Events .

                        Lesson 8...JS Array

                        Lesson 9..JS Functions

                        Lesson 10..Validation of forms.

                        Lesson 11.Summery

                          Lesson 1..Evaluation of Php.

                          Lesson 2..Basic Syntax

                          Lesson 3.Defining variable and constant

                          Lesson 4..Php Data type

                          Lesson 5. .Operator and Expression .

                            Lesson 1.. Capturing Form Data . .

                            Lesson 2.Dealing with Multi-value filed

                            Lesson 3..Generating File uploaded form

                            Lesson 4..Redirecting a form after submission .

                            Lesson 5.Summery

                              Lesson 1..What is a function.

                              Lesson 2..Define a function .

                              Lesson 3.Call by value and Call by reference

                              Lesson 3. Recursive function

                              Lesson 5.Summery

                                Lesson 1... Creating and accessing String

                                Lesson 2..Searching & Replacing String.

                                Lesson 3. Formatting String

                                Lesson 3. String Related Library function

                                Lesson 5.Summery

                                  Lesson 1.. Anatomy of an Array

                                  Lesson 2.. Creating index based and Associative array.

                                  Lesson 2. Accessing array Element

                                  Lesson 2. Indexed Arrays

                                  Lesson 2.Associative Arrays

                                  Lesson 2. Some useful Library function

                                  Lesson 7.Summery

                                    Lesson 1.. Understanding file& directory .

                                    Lesson 2..Opening and closing a file.

                                    Lesson 2.Coping ,renaming and deleting a file

                                    Lesson 2. Working with directories

                                    Lesson 2. Building a text editor

                                    Lesson 2. File Uploading & Downloading

                                    Lesson 7.Summery

                                      Lesson 1.. Using query string .

                                      Lesson 2.. Using Hidden field

                                      Lesson 2. Using cookiess

                                      Lesson 2. Using session

                                      Lesson 7.Summery

                                        Lesson 1.. What is regular expression .

                                        Lesson 2.. Pattern matching in Php

                                        Lesson 4. Replacing text

                                        Lesson 2. Splitting a string with a Regular Expression

                                        Lesson 5.Summery

                                          Lesson 1.. Basics of computer Graphics.

                                          Lesson 2.. Creating Image

                                          Lesson 3.Manipulating Image

                                          Lesson 4. Using text in Image

                                          Lesson 5.Summery

                                            Lesson 1.. Introduction to RDBMS.

                                            Lesson 2.. Connection with MySql Database

                                            Lesson 3.Performing basic database operation

                                            Lesson 4.Insert, Delete, Update, Select

                                            < p>Lesson 5. Setting query parameter

                                            < p>Lesson 6.. Executing query

                                            < p>Lesson 7.Join

                                            Lesson 8.Summery

                                              Lesson 1.. Basics of SEO.

                                              Lesson 2.. Importance of SEO

                                              Lesson 3. Live Website Design Project

                                              Lesson 5.Summery

                                                Lesson 1.. CodeIgniter.

                                                Lesson 2.. Joomla.

                                                Lesson 3.. Drupal.

                                                Lesson 4.. Laravel.

                                                Lesson 5.Summery

                                                  Lesson 1..Understanding and Using domain names .

                                                  Lesson 2..WordPress Hosting Options

                                                  Lesson 3. Installing WordPress

                                                  Lesson 4.Understanding Directory Permissions .

                                                    Lesson 1..Understanding the WordPress Dashboard ..

                                                    Lesson 2.. Pages, Tags, Media and Content Administration .

                                                    Lesson 3. Core WordPress Settings .

                                                    Lesson 4.Summary .

                                                      Lesson 1..Finding and Installing Plugins Quickly and Easily ..

                                                      Lesson 2..Upgrading WordPress Plugins.

                                                      Lesson 3. Recommended WordPress Plugins

                                                      Lesson 4.Summary .

                                                        Lesson 1.. Understanding the Structure of WordPress Themes..

                                                        Lesson 2.. Finding Themes and Choosing the Right One

                                                        Lesson 3.Installing and Configuring Themes

                                                        Lesson 4.Editing and Customizing Themes

                                                        Lesson 5.Using Theme Frameworks and Parent-Child Themes

                                                        Lesson 6.Theme Best Practices

                                                        Lesson 7.Summary .

                                                          Lesson 1.. Understanding Posts Versus Pages.

                                                          Lesson 2..Organizing Posts with Categories

                                                          Lesson 3. Connecting Posts Together with Tags

                                                          Lesson 4.Custom Post Types and Custom Taxonomies

                                                          Lesson 5. Managing Lists of Link

                                                          Lesson 7.Summary .

                                                            Lesson 1..Hands-On Training on the WordPress Editors.

                                                            Lesson 2.. Hands-On Training on the New Image Editor

                                                            Lesson 3.Summary .

                                                              PART 1.. Assignment.

                                                              PART 2.Project.

                                                              PART 3.Final Test.

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